Mini-Project Monday – Floral Shrug

Aaahh feel that summer breeze? It’s quickly turning into an autumn breeze! But before the leaves start to turn and Wal Mart puts out the Halloween decor (wait, that already happened?) I’m still making summer clothes!

Over the weekend I decided to whip up this casual, easy shrug from some fabric I bought a few months ago. I saw something like it on a girl once and all she could tell me when I asked her where she got it was “the internet.” Um… ok. So instead I just designed my own.


It’s basically just a big rectangle folded in half and sewn together at the ends (but leaving holes for your arms!)


I finished the edges with my surger and added a 2″ band around the body/neck just to polish it up a bit. The whole thing took about 3 hours, mostly because I had to put the band on twice haha.


It’s very easy to wear and a great not-too-hot layer over tank tops. I think if I made another one I would make it just a smidge wider so the sleeves were longer. They hit at about my elbows on this one. Overall, though, a success!