Potter Week

As some might be aware Harry Potter’s birthday is tomorrow (July 31st) and in celebration the internet has declared this entire week as #PotterWeek! I am a crazy HP fan so in honor of this I created a new icon reppin’ my house, Ravenclaw, which I was officially sorted into when I joined Pottermore.

In other news, I now have a tumblr to go with this blog! So any of my fellow tumblrites can follow right over here!




Artwork – Downton Abbey and Cinderella

I’ve been in the mood to draw lately so I thought I would post two pieces I did recently. I originally posted them both to instagram, but instagram is not always the best for viewing high resolution artwork, so I thought I would post them here for anyone who wanted a better look! Click each image for the zoom option.

1924 – I did this as a sketch for the premiere of Downton Abbey in the USA, and then later added color.


Ella – I just love the new Disney live action Cinderella and I was completely enamored with Ella’s blue ball gown after seeing the film!