Mini-Project Monday – Frozen Blanket

My chemistry class is finally over! So what’s the first thing I do? Make myself a snuggly Frozen blanket of course! Yes, I realize it’s the middle of summer, but I couldn’t resist when I saw this fabric at JoAnn’s.


When I decided to make this I opted for blanket binding instead of any of the various tying and “braiding” techniques out there for fleece blankets. Plus, the binding came in my favorite color! I thought, this will be simple! Done in an hour tops! WRONG. This is only my second attempt at putting satin binding on something and I epically failed the last time. I just chalked that up to being 14 and inexperienced with sewing, but at 24 with a college degree I still found about five different ways to screw it up, such as…

  • It was twisting
  • It was wrinkling
  • It was uneven
  • I didn’t catch the underside in the right place
  • I didn’t leave enough for the corners

I think I took it completely off and re-started at least three times.


After figuring out how it wanted to behave I eventually devised a method that worked for me, which was nothing like any of the youtube videos I watched or how-to articles I read. It involved zero pinning, because that just made things worse somehow, and I had to sort of pull the ribbon taught in opposite directions with both hands while feeding it through the machine. And for some reason it seemed to work better when I put the binding on with the long edge on top, rather than on the bottom as it’s designed. Yeah, I don’t know. I can plan, research, pattern, and build an entire outfit complete with accurate undergarments from just about any time period you want, but apparently blanket binding is too much for me! But it’s finished and looks lovely if I do say so myself. : )