Custom Digivice – Season 1

It’s Odaiba Day! As well as the 17th anniversary of Digimon Adventure, so I thought it was about time I posted about my season 1 digivice makeover. I FINALLY got it finished after a lot of frustration but I am so happy with the results. Let’s get to it.


So, here is my original season 1 Taichi digivice, a lovely orange color, but I wanted to make it look like it does normally when one of the digimon isn’t evolving, just because.


I mentioned in my last digivice post how difficult it is to get these things apart, but this time the digivice won. I was able to get the back off and the “antenna” out, but no matter what I did or how many internet hacks I used, there was ONE little screw holding the electronics in place that would not budge. I had to put it back together and use some rather elaborate masking to protect the buttons and holes during painting.


This is when the REAL headaches started. I spray painted the back of the main body and the clip no problem. It came out smooth and beautiful. When I started to paint the front, however, I got this awful crackling reaction in the paint.


I went back to the internet for answers and decided that the surface had been too hot from sitting in the sun when I started painting. So I sanded away the wrinkles, let the paint that was already on there cure for 24 hours and tried a second time. It happened again! ARGH. I could not figure out what was happening.

Photo Jul 16, 7 25 43 PM

The internet seemed to think that I hadn’t let the first layer of paint cure long enough before painting again, even though on the back of the can it says you can paint again within 4 hours or after 24. So I let it sit for a full TWO WEEKS before I even looked at it again.

While I waited, I finished up painting the belt clip and in the process figured out that I apparently wasn’t shaking the paint can well/long enough before doing my second coat. This is why you follow directions, kids. If you use Krylon Maxx Ultimate Coverage spray paint, shake it longer than the recommended 2 minutes on the back of the can to save yourself the grief. Once I figured that out everything was fine. lol


I really love the way it looks! I spent 20 minutes in the paint aisle picking out the perfect color (I used Peekaboo Blue), and while I wish it was just slightly more grey, all in all I think its dang near perfect.



Digimon belongs to Akiyoshi Hongo and Toei Animation







Shiny new blog!

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