Lady Ingrid Waverly

Woo! This piece was hard work but so worth it! There were quite a few things I had to learn in order to get the look I was going for but I think it turned out well. This is Lady Ingrid Waverly, one of the main characters from The Dispossessed series by Page Morgan. Ingrid has literally been through hell and back so she’s a bit disheveled.



This series is very dear to me and I love telling people about it because it’s not as well known as I believe it should be. Go check out The Dispossessed series over at!



Upcoming Projects

Summer is about half over and I thought it was time to evaluate the “summer projects” I started back in May. I’m taking a chemistry class at the moment, so homework has been eating up a lot of my free time since June, but it’s over in two weeks! Phew! Then I won’t be in classes for a while and I’ll have time to sew sew sew!

There are a few things I’ve been ruminating about for a couple of months and I’m finally getting them started, slowly but surely.

1901 Edwardian ensemble/Ingrid Waverly

I’ve wanted to make a turn of the century/Edwardian dress for a while and I came up with two reasons to motivate myself to start it.

Reason 1 – There is a 1901 Singer treadle sewing machine in my house that I recently decided to service and get working again (that’s a separate post), so I thought, wouldn’t it be great to make my Edwardian dress with a machine from the same period? Yay accuracy!

Reason 2 – Last year I started reading a book series called The Dispossessed series by Page Morgan. It’s about two sisters who move to Paris with their mother after a terrible accident. There, they discover a world of demons, secret societies, and gargoyles that shift into humans who are charged with the task of protecting the residents of their buildings. Oh, and it’s YA so of course all the gargoyles are incredibly hot.


Don’t be fooled by the swoony covers. They’re excellently written, have a  unique idea that’s handled well, and have a great cast of characters. Ok ok, they’re a little swoony, but it’s YA what do you expect? I’ve fallen deeply in love with the series and after reading the sequel that just came out, I knew I wanted to cosplay the eldest sister Ingrid Waverly. From her description I look pretty similar to her, so I’m going to accomplish two projects at once and make a lovely Edwardian dress that can double as a cosplay.




Ah, Frozen. Yes, I’ve been swept up in it as well, but I’m totally ok with that. I know, everybody has cosplayed Elsa since November, but that just means there are TONS of resources available. The most progress I’ve made on her is to buy some fabric for the skirt, but I did spend about two days cutting paillettes into square sequins for the bodice.



I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted ready-made, so as usual I found a way to make it myself. I think they’ll look really great when I put them on the bodice.


I kind of love How to Train Your Dragon, and I think 90% of that love is because of Toothless. If you haven’t seen HtTYD 2 stop what you’re doing and go see it now! It’s really great.


This is another project I’ve had in mind for a while. Since the first movie came out, really. I’ve been working on him for about two weeks now, but in true Toothless fashion he’s being incredibly stubborn and difficult. I think the first problem was my horrendous fabric choice. I just wanted him to be fluffy and snuggly! But the fluff factor makes the smaller details rather challenging, and when I put it under the sewing machine I can’t see what I’m doing. I decided to hand sew the entire head but I managed to get the body together with my machine. At the moment he’s sort of a Toothless torpedo until I get his legs on.


And he is nice and fluffy. : )

Well, those are the three, nerdy projects I’ll be working on for the next little bit. I’m really excited to have time to make progress on all of them. This chemistry class can’t be over soon enough!