Lady Ingrid Waverly

Woo! This piece was hard work but so worth it! There were quite a few things I had to learn in order to get the look I was going for but I think it turned out well. This is Lady Ingrid Waverly, one of the main characters from The Dispossessed series by Page Morgan. Ingrid has literally been through hell and back so she’s a bit disheveled.



This series is very dear to me and I love telling people about it because it’s not as well known as I believe it should be. Go check out The Dispossessed series over at!



Potter Week

As some might be aware Harry Potter’s birthday is tomorrow (July 31st) and in celebration the internet has declared this entire week as #PotterWeek! I am a crazy HP fan so in honor of this I created a new icon reppin’ my house, Ravenclaw, which I was officially sorted into when I joined Pottermore.

In other news, I now have a tumblr to go with this blog! So any of my fellow tumblrites can follow right over here!



A couple illustrations, Toothless update, and a new page!

I wanted to share a few illustrations I did recently and also point you in the direction of my new Gallery page! There I will keep a collection of all the artwork I post for easy viewing.

This first illustration was a request from a dear friend who asked me to draw her fur baby Sabina, aka Miss Bee. She’s still quite young and crazy energetic, so I tried to capture her playfulness.

Miss Bee


This one is just something I came up with one day haha. I don’t even remember why I thought of it. I had so much fun drawing it though, and I love how to bubbles turned out!

Kraken in Training


As for Toothless, he is ALMOST FINISHED! I made a lot of changes to his structure, had to order new materials, and I’m making an entirely new head which I can’t do on my machine so it’s taking a bit of time to hand sew. But he can now stand on his own and has fully posable wings! I don’t want to spoil the reveal because I’ll be making a detailed post about his entire construction very soon!



Go Orange for Animals

If there is anything I am passionate about, it is animals and their protection and rights. I grew up with animals in my home and the Zoo remains one of my favorite places to visit. April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month and the ASPCA asks supporters to “Go Orange for Animals” to raise awareness. I wanted to create something to help spread the word so I picked an orange animal as my subject. As a great cat lover a tiger was the natural choice!


Kindness is free and easy to give, and animals deserve it just as much as anyone else. Please be kind to all animals, big and small, and help spread awareness of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month! There are many ways you can get involved which you can read about in the link provided above.