Welcome! My name is Kitri and I’m an artist, costumer, cat lady, young adult novel reader, and self proclaimed costume history buff to name a few.

What You’ll Find Here. A little bit of everything! I started this blog primarily so I would have somewhere to share the artwork, costumes, and crafts I create. I love making things and I’ve always got something in progress.

  • Sewing – I started sewing in the 8th grade and it’s been a love of mine ever since. I make historical clothing, costumes, and clothes for myself. You’ll probably also see some knitting projects during the cooler months!
  • Art – I love illustration, animation, Disney, etc. and have been working on my own drawing and illustration skills.
  • Cosplay – I’m a huge nerd and I love the challenge of recreating something from fiction and getting it as accurate as possible. Or, in the case of making something from a book, letting my imagination run wild! I make entire costumes, accessories, props, and sometimes plush dolls.

Everything else – I dabble in many areas, so who knows what I’ll be posting next!


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