A couple illustrations, Toothless update, and a new page!

I wanted to share a few illustrations I did recently and also point you in the direction of my new Gallery page! There I will keep a collection of all the artwork I post for easy viewing.

This first illustration was a request from a dear friend who asked me to draw her fur baby Sabina, aka Miss Bee. She’s still quite young and crazy energetic, so I tried to capture her playfulness.

Miss Bee


This one is just something I came up with one day haha. I don’t even remember why I thought of it. I had so much fun drawing it though, and I love how to bubbles turned out!

Kraken in Training


As for Toothless, he is ALMOST FINISHED! I made a lot of changes to his structure, had to order new materials, and I’m making an entirely new head which I can’t do on my machine so it’s taking a bit of time to hand sew. But he can now stand on his own and has fully posable wings! I don’t want to spoil the reveal because I’ll be making a detailed post about his entire construction very soon!