Go Orange for Animals

If there is anything I am passionate about, it is animals and their protection and rights. I grew up with animals in my home and the Zoo remains one of my favorite places to visit. April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month and the ASPCA asks supporters to “Go Orange for Animals” to raise awareness. I wanted to create something to help spread the word so I picked an orange animal as my subject. As a great cat lover a tiger was the natural choice!


Kindness is free and easy to give, and animals deserve it just as much as anyone else. Please be kind to all animals, big and small, and help spread awareness of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month! There are many ways you can get involved which you can read about in the link provided above.



Flower Tea Lights


Spring is here! And I have no shortage of spring inspired projects on the way. First up, Flower tea lights! I ran across this idea on Pinterest recently and I loved the whimsical look. I didn’t have any idea where I would put them, but I had to make them! I was a bit skeptical going in because I’ve tried things off of Pinterest in the past that were just miserable failures, but these were surprisingly simple. The only thing I did differently was I used transparent plastic spoons instead of white. I think it turned out better because more light can pass through the clear spoon.


I just want to make 80 of them and put them in my yard and pretend I’m in an enchanted fairy forest!


Tea Lights Tutorial


Artwork – Downton Abbey and Cinderella

I’ve been in the mood to draw lately so I thought I would post two pieces I did recently. I originally posted them both to instagram, but instagram is not always the best for viewing high resolution artwork, so I thought I would post them here for anyone who wanted a better look! Click each image for the zoom option.

1924 – I did this as a sketch for the premiere of Downton Abbey in the USA, and then later added color.


Ella – I just love the new Disney live action Cinderella and I was completely enamored with Ella’s blue ball gown after seeing the film!